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Training During the Busy Seasons


With travel, family events, and plenty of tasty but not necessarily healthy food, how do we keep our running on track so we can hit the new year ready to run strong? I have a few practices I use to keep my training on track during the holidays. Always take your gear with you  Even […]

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How to Run Fast

Start of 100 meters race, from left to right  Greg Saddler (7 U.S.A. ,Japaneese  Asahara Nobuharu, Joshua Johnson U.S.A., Dennis Mitchel U.S.A. and Aziz Abdul Zakari  Ghana,who won the race,during the Zagreb 2001 track and field competition in Croatian capital on Monday July 2, 2001.(AP Photo/Hrvoje Knez)

In evaluating and teaching high-speed running mechanics, the coach must give the athletes key points on which to concentrate and consciously focus as they learn to re-program their motor patterns. It is useful to break down the movement in a way that is consistent with a systematic teaching progression. We use six reference points or […]

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Why Bodybuilding Training Falls Short of Athletic Performance Needs

Typical body building style weightlifting falls short of sport performance for three key reasons: It’s too Isolated:  The goal of bodybuilding is simply and succinctly to make muscles bigger. Bodybuilders implore specific days to train chest and triceps back and biceps and every now and then, legs.  In performance, muscle specific exercises are usually done […]

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Eat for Excellence

eat for excellence

Eating For EXCELLENCE 1) Avoid binging. People often binge because their body is nutrient deficient. This can be solved through: a) Avoiding empty calorie foods. These are foods high in refined sugars and/or fat, and low in nutritional value. Foods like cookies, juice or soda pop, chips, snack foods, fast foods, baked goods, etc. Your […]

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Mobile Concussion Testing now available using the Trazer Solution

Sports Performance Group is delighted to announce that mobile concussion testing is now available using TRAZER’s revolutionary technology.  TRAZER is the recognized world-wide leader in the use of computer simulation for the assessment and enhancement of health, fitness, and physical and cognitive performance The concussion crisis is a “source of significant pain” for parents, coaches from […]

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The Top 10 Speed Training Myths

speed myths

Each day I receive questions about training speed. So we’ve taken those questions that we hear the most and answered them in a slightly different format. (1) Static stretching prepares you to compete/practice Static stretching actually reduces power output. Athletes should prepare for practice by doing a dynamic warm-up that moves from basic, low-intensity movements […]

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2016 Athlete Honor Roll

soccer ball #3

Every year, we recognize an individual sport athlete and team sports athlete whose performances over a 12-month time span have been exceptional.We continue to build on the past with the enthusiasm and efforts of our current athletes. Our 2016 Athlete Honor roll is an SPG Alumni favorite.As we look to the future, our vision includes […]

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Revolutionary Trazer sytem now at SPG


Balancing a training program is like a great recipe. Only the perfect amount of each ingredient added at exactly the right time will work. Most trainers add all their favorite ingredients in random amounts and hope it tastes good. It never does.But,with the Revolutionary Trazer system now at SPG we can do amazing things   […]

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Shannon Horgan Named to U-20 Roster for Womens World Cup Qualifying

HORGAN Shannon 2015

Shannon Horgan. Roster by Position: Detailed Roster    GOALKEEPERS (2): Rose Chandler (Penn State; Atlanta, Ga.), Brooke Heinsohn (New England FC; Norfolk, Mass.) DEFENDERS (7): Tierna Davidson (De Anza Force; Menlo Park; Calif.), Sabrina Flores (Notre Dame; Livingston, N.J.), Emily Fox (FC Virginia; Ashburn, Va.), Shannon Horgan (Clemson; Long Beach, N.Y.), Natalie Jacobs (Notre Dame; […]

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