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Sports Performance Group

The Sports Performance Group
The culmination of over 17 years of research, hands on training, and dedication, where thousands of athletes have benefited from our proprietary sports training programs to achieve goals of becoming faster, stronger, better! Individual, group and team training, in any sport,  is now available.

It takes eight-to-twelve years of training for a talented player/athlete to reach elite levels. This is called the ten-year or 10,000 hour rule, which translates to slightly more than three hours of practice daily for ten years  Unfortunately, parents and coaches in many sports still approach training with an attitude best characterized as “peaking by Friday,” where a short-term approach is taken to training and performance with an over-emphasis on immediate results. A long-term commitment to practice and training is required to produce elite players/athletes in all sports. The athletes who excel in our group were not only committed to excelling this year but have shown an unending ability to work toward excellence over time .

SPG programs bring expert techniques to the fundamentals of all sports at all levels:

  • Proper running form
  • Lateral Movement
  • Agility
  • Quickness and explosive power
  • Conditioning
  • Strength Training


Linear speed is the basis for all movement skills.  There are several components to linear sped depending upon the sport those are: acceleration, max velocity, and speed maintenance. Speed training can improve movement speed conserve energy prevent injuries and increase overall longevity of performance.

What’s your sport? This is just a snapshot!

SPG Track and Field 

The undisputed leaders in developing track and field athletes in sprints hurdles middle and long distance.  We Run This Sport!

SPG Soccer

Soccer is an extremely athletic sport in which explosive speed is the difference between a good player and a great player.  In addition to working on ball skills, soccer players must become a better all-around athlete.  By focusing on speed, agility and conditioning, you will have the needed explosiveness for quick movements on the field and the endurance for 90 minute games.  SPG works with all positions on specific conditioning, speed, quickness, endurance and running mechanics.

SPG Football

We build customized programs for football players no matter the position. Programs meet the demands of each specialized spot on the field.  We offer NFL Combine training. Programs focus on speed and quickness aiming at faster 40 yard times. See below for position specific focus areas.

Key Position
  • Wide Receivers
  • Defensive Backs
  • Offensive Line
  • Defensive Ends
  • Line Backer
Focus Area
  • Acceleration and Breakaway Speed
  • Back Pedaling Hip Mobility and Speed
  • Quickness, Footwork and Strength
  • Speed to Quarterback

SPG Lacrosse

Lacrosse is known as the “fastest game on two feet”.  As a lacrosse athlete, you need to hone your speed and agility in order to gain the advantage on the field.  SPG will help you improve speed and agility, quickness, change of direction, endurance and overall athletic development for LAX.

SPG Basketball

A complete basketball player is more than being able to dribble, pass and shoot.  You must be able to move laterally with and without the ball.  You need explosive speed, jumping ability and endurance, too.   With SPG’s basketball program, you will receive specialized speed, agility and conditioning training to achieve all of these goals.  We train basketball players at every level, from recreation leagues to the NBA, and everyone in between.  Programs focus on conditioning, strength for basketball, “man on ball” defense and vertical jump. We also offer NBA Combine training. Call for information.

SPG Baseball

SPG baseball programs focus on speed agility and conditioning across positions on the field.  Focus on 60 yard dash training, “running the bases” and “getting to 1st“. For infield players we focus on movement (linear and lateral) and quickness.  For outfield players the focus is on speed and core development.

SPG Field Hockey

SPG Field Hockey programs focus on speed agility and conditioning across positions on the field.  Programs focus on linear and lateral movement, quickness, lower leg stability, flexibility and injury prevention (focus on ACL).

We invite you to join the SPG Elite.  




Jude Massillon – SPG Director

Coach Jude Massillon, an accomplished ex collegiate and pro-athlete, is now the premier “king-maker” Sports Performance Coach and one of only 2 Nike-rated trainers in the New York metropolitan area.

Coach Massillon is currently responsible for instituting training and dietary standards, preparing rehabilitation programs and creating injury treatment strategies for 19 Olympic track and field athletes.

He has trained athletes such as World and Olympic champion Ezekiel Kemboi, World athletics final winner Michael Blackwood, NBA players Charlie Ward and Marcus Camby, NFL players Simeon Rice, Kevin Hardy, Eric Berry, Julius Peppers and Lamar Houston .

Coach Massillon is the former owner of ProPrep Football, where he successfully placed 43 players in the 1st round of the NFL draft over a 10 year period .

In addition to earning an M.S. degree in Exercise Science and NYS Paramedic Certification, Coach Massillon is also a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) with the National Strength & Conditioning Association and a Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES) with the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

Coach Massillon is also a contributor to STACK magazine and the author of The Athlete’s Body Within.

• 17 years as a professional Track and Field coach with 38 National Champions from 16 countries

• Assisted in the training and conditioning program for 43 first-round draft choices in the NFL

• Trained medalists at every level of Track and Field from High School and NCAA to the Olympics

• 166 All-American High School athletes in 6 different sports

• Nike Rated as one of the top 50 trainers in the USA

• Trains #1 ranked Under-18 tennis player in the USA, Noah Rubin

   Trains 3 women on the 2012 U-20 World Cup Women’s Soccer Champions

• Certified in Muscle Activation Techniques • MAT


Donnie Brady – Training Director

Perhaps Donald Brady should be referred to as King Midas – because anything he touches turns to pure gold. Brady has been a superstar since his early beginnings  as a former American football and Canadian football cornerback in the National Football League and Canadian Football League. He was signed by the Saskatchewan Roughriders as an undrafted free agent in 1995. He played college footballat Wisconsin. He also played High School football at Wellington C. Mepham High School.

Brady also played for the Cleveland Browns, Baltimore Ravens andEdmonton Eskimos.

Hector Duprey – Trainer

A Bronx native who was raised in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, Hector Duprey is a Sports Specific Specialist for Sports Performance Group. Hector is also an Assistant Baseball Coach for Monroe College in The Bronx. He currently trains many kids in Baseball in the Long Island area for the New York Baseball Academy and Storm Academy.  He is certified by the National Endurance and Strength Training Association.  A graduate of C.W. Post College on Long Island, Hector obtained a BA in Psychology while playing Division I Baseball and Division II Basketball where he received many accolades including being selected as a Freshman All American in Baseball. He is a very enthusiastic trainer who is willing and able to help kids achieve the next level of success.

Corynne Pereira – Trainer

What a background in sports Corynne brings to the Sports Performance Group team.  She attended C.W. Post and played on both the Soccer and Lacrosse teams.  In 2007, Corynne’s Lacrosse team was named the NCAA Champions.  She also has experience as an athletic training student at L.I.U. Brooklyn with the Volleyball team, under her belt.  Corynne has a background developed at Pfizer Wellness Center where she trained members, conducted VO2 Max tests and developed knowledge in Ergonomics.  She is presently the women’s swim team strength and conditioning coach at C.W. POST.  She brings enthusiasm and a positive attitude towards her clients and truly enjoys bringing her background in different sports to kids involved on the field currently.

Nicholas Andre

The newest member of the well known Sports Performance Group. A Long Island native who grew up in Rockville Centre and attended Chaminade High School where he starred in football and lacrosse. After high school, he attended Marist College where he continued his success on the football and lacrosse teams at the Division I level. As a two time captain of the football team at Marist, he received numerous accolades as a linebacker which include two all-conference selections, a unanimous all-conference selection and FCS All-America honors in 2009.  Upon graduating from Marist with a BS in Finance and a minor in Psychology, he served as an interim coach for the Marist football team where he coached the safeties for the spring of 2010. He currently is an Assistant Football Coach for Oceanside high school, one of the top high school football programs on Long Island. He is certified by the American Council on Exercise. He utilizes his love of athletics and strong communication skills and leadership qualities as a trainer with his sole intent being the betterment of each individual athlete.

James Schuerger –

Jim’s interest in fitness and health was sparked during his high school years while playing basketball and baseball at Kellenberg Memorial High school for 4 years. He suffered a severe shoulder injury in his senior year playing baseball which prevented him from continuing his athletic career in college but his passion for sports never subsided. He became acutely aware of all the training necessary to compete in sports at a high level from pre-season to post-season while competing in high school. He developed a passion for fitness training not only for athletes but for all types of people in need. Jim went on to study exercise science and graduated with a B.S. from SUNY Cortland in. Rehabilitation and special populations became an interest and an aspect of priority in expanding his over all knowledge about the human body. He worked in all areas of different physical therapy offices learning recovery strategies, injury timetables, progress tests, preventative exercises, diagnostic logic and personal skills involved with people in pain and discomfort. He also worked as an assistant coach for an adapted swim team of children and young adults ages 8-23 with Aspergers, Autism, ADHD and blindness.   Jim works for the Sport Performance Group training elementary, high school and college elite athletes as well as teach TRX Suspension Training classes in Woodmere. In addition to his time as a Fitness Coach at Sportset Overall, Jim’s experience in health, fitness, athletics, rehabilitation, nutrition and special populations has given him the necessary skills to coach all people in obtaining their desired goals



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