Dehydrated in the Game

It does not take long to get dehydrated in the game! If you are thirsty its already too late !Our bodies contain about 60% fluid, with almost half of this residing in the muscle cells. During vigorous or prolonged exercise large quantities of water and electrolytes can be lost through sweat, as the body promotes heat loss. Smaller quantities of water can also be lost through breathing (respiration).Becoming dehydrated in the game is immediate

Individual sweat rates and fluid losses vary widely. The rate of sweating also varies depending on such factors as the type and intensity of exercise, air temperature, humidity and body exposure to sunlight. Sweat rates of 0.3 to 2 liters per hour are common in active sports people both during training and competition.

A change in body weight due to water loss of 1% is a marker of early dehydration. At 2% water loss, athletes may begin to experience a decline in physical and mental performance.


For example, a 70 kg athlete undergoing intensive training, with a sweat rate of 1.5 Liter per hour, will hit the 2% dehydration level within the first hour of exercise.It is critical that athletes maintain a healthy state of hydration or through proper fluid uptake prior to, during and after intense exercise.

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