Is Every trainer a Sports Specific Trainer ?

What to Look For in a Sports Specific Trainer

Everyone these days offers Sports Specific Personal Training.  I guess anyone can go online to become certified.  But would you entrust your child with a certified trainer?  what should you ask and look for?


When looking for someone to train your child it’s best to look for specific credentials and ask the trainer if you can observe a session with another client before making your decision.  Below are some ideas about what to look for in the trainer.


  1. What certifications does your child’s trainer hold and where did they come from?
  2. What is the trainer’s personal history?  Does he/she hold a background in athletics?
  3. How many years has the trainer worked with children?
  4. How many years has the trainer devoted to Athletic Training?
  5. Has the trainer worked with any Elite trainers to develop a stronger background?
  6. Has the trainer helped to condition athletes in a variety of sports?
  7. What is the trainer’s training philosophy?
  8. Has the trainer published any books or articles in the field?
  9. Is the trainer able to handle special situations such as injuries?
  10. Does the trainer use up to date methods of training instead of just weights?


You should come armed with all of these questions and make sure the trainer can answer them.  Your efforts into developing the best athletes are paramount to seeing that athlete continue to develop in his or her sport.You are entrusting your athletes’ dreams on this trainers expertise. Their future development depend on your educated choices.

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