RVC Track Club

Who should join a Track Club?  The answer is simple…Everyone!  Our Track Club is geared to the athlete in you, whether you’re a seasoned athlete or someone who just wants to start moving.  There’s no other place to start.
We created the Rockville Centre SPG Track Club for athletes who play different sports but have an interest in running track for fun or to stay in shape during their off season.  We wanted to give those athletes an opportunity to try track, without having to commit to lots of training and time. We make the most of our training sessions and give oAAur athletes a solid introduction to the sport.  The SPG Track Club trains once per week, with an additional optional practice during the week. Training begins in April and runs through July. There are a few local meets per month during that time. Participation in the meets is not mandatory.  The SPG Track Club will accept athletes from 7-18.

Head Coach, Jude Massillon, has 15 years as a professional Track and Field coach with National Champions from 16 different countries, under his belt.  This year, he will be attending his fifth Olympics, in a row, with his athletes.


Non-Competing Athletes: $80/ month

(starts April 9th – Mondays at 4:00-5:00pm)

Athletes will receive a solid introduction to the sport including instruction

on running technique, speed and agility training, and weekly track workouts.

Athletes will also receive an SPG T shirt.


Competing Athletes: $120/month

Team race singlet and shorts are included in the membership.

(starts April 9th – Mondays and Wednesdays at 4:00-5:00pm)

In addition to the training described above, competing athletes will receive

an additional hour of instruction each week in their specific events. This

program also includes USATF membership.

(Meet fees, uniform, and warm up suits not included.)


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